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why can't my gardevoir learn thunderbolt from goldenrod game corner move tutor? also omastar ice beam?

EDIT1: oh well i guess alakazam is a gud option, since it can learn thunderbolt and ice beam from move tutor. + has gud SpA and Spe
Now just to find a replacement for omastar(swift swim). Kingdra is my other opt but has average stats so meh. i nid high SpA water any suggestions?
EDIT2: Is the move tutor in goldenrod just gud for 1 time?
EDIT3: Scratch that, just by tweaking my time, made the move tutor appear again
EDIT4: So sad even gorebyss can't learn ice beam from move tutor? i guess ill go with crawdaunt + swords dance, since crabhammer now is physical right? and rely on alakazam for ice beam XD
Anyways where can i find bulk up teacher? for my heracross
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