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Since my last post, I changed my team a bit, and I'm currently doing nothing but level grinding for my Sigilyph, who is falling behind the rest of my team. Also training the Litwick I hatched from an egg that I traded from Black.

Also caught myself a Frillish in Virbank City to add to the Pokedex.

My team is:

Samurott ♂ Lv38
Hasty nature
Somewhat stubborn
- Surf
- Revenge
- Water Pulse
- Razor Shell

Lucario ♂ Lv33
Jolly nature
Quick to flee
- Force Palm
- Quick Attack
- Screech
- Bone Rush

Litwick ♀ Lv31
Hasty nature
Flash Fire
Somewhat of a clown
- Flame Burst
- Shadow Ball
- Hex
- Toxic

Excadrill ♀ Lv31
Naive nature
Sand Rush
Capable of taking hits
- Dig
- Rock Slide
- Hone Claws
- Metal Claw

Sigilyph ♀ Lv26
Sassy nature
Magic Guard
Somewhat vain
- Psybeam
- Air Cutter
- Tailwind
- Fly

Roserade ♀ Lv30
Timid nature
Natural Cure
Impetuos and silly
- Giga Drain
- Leech Seed
- Magical Leaf
- Venoshock