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Soulsilver kept freezing on me so progress was nearly impossible to make so I decided to change my Johto part of my Ultimate Jynx Solo Challenge to Pokemon Crystal.
  • I hacked my starter to be a Smoochum and did all the Mr. Pokemon stuff.
  • Beat my rival Silver and got some nice experience.
  • Went to Violet City, conquered Sprout Tower, and took down Falkner.
  • Got the Mystery Egg and went through Union Cave.
  • Helped Kurt save the Slowpoke.
  • Beat Bugsy and went to face Silver once more, showed him who is boss once more.
  • Travelled through Ilex Forest and made it to Goldenrod City.
  • Took out Whitney, got the Squirtbottle and defeated the Sudowoodo.
  • Beat Silver once more and release the Legendary Beasts.
  • Did some training and evolved Smoocum into Jynx
  • Went to Morty's gym and defeated the trainers.
  • Saved in front of Morty, maybe I'll continue later today.

Level 34
Sweet Kiss
Ice Punch

Well its later and I have a lot more to add to my update.
  • I defeated Morty, as well as the Kimono Girls, with ease and got HM 3 Surf.
  • Headed over to Olivine City, climbed the the top of the lighthouse and spoke with Jasmine.
  • Caught a Krabby to surf me down to Cianwood where I took out Chuck, got the secretpotion as well as HM 2 Fly.
  • Took Hoothoot out of the box, taught it fly and flew back to Olivine.
  • Took out Jasmine with ease thanks to freeze hax Ice Punch on her Steelix.
  • Flew to Ecruteak and surfed over to Mahogany Town.
  • Went up to the Lake of Rage, defeated the Red Gyarados and looked like a boss infront of Lance.
  • Helped Lance take out Team Rocket in Mahogany Town.
  • Took out Pryce and flew back to Goldenrod to finish off Team Rocket.
  • Beat the fake director and got the Basement Key, so I headed to the basment.
  • Defeated Silver, yet again, and went through the forever complicated puzzle. (in my opinion)


Level 49
Shadow Ball
Body Slam
Ice Punch
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