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Originally Posted by AdrianD View Post
explains lots of things. Ive been having issues with my EV count
That would do it.

Just as a note, all participants get EVs. Say you start a battle with Samurott (a la Hikari) and swap to Serperior (no la Hikari), then to Emboar, then to Gothorita, and finally to Minccino, with a Pikachu you imported holding an Exp. Share. All six of them will gain EVs (except when maxed out). Just like all participants get experience, all those also get EVs.

Another example: you have five Lv.1 Pokémon hatchlings, and want to train them. Let's assume you have five Exp. Share items. They all get one. Your trusty (insert your star here) fights an Audino and the others all gain levels. Once again, all six collect HP EVs.

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