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    Originally Posted by brane View Post
    1. Wouldn't have a clue. It would most likely involve ASM.

    2. It should be in UNLZ, but you could try opening the ROM up in TileMolester. It will most definitely be in there.

    3. You'd just have to delete the flag I'm fairly sure so that the script doesn't change no matter how many times it's used. If you want to have them ask in a new box whether they want to battle again, you'd just set a flag for the first battle and have the script go to a new script for the remainder of the battles with different dialogue. It's fairly easy stuff, and you should have looked in the tutorial section but I'll link you to a thread that more then likely has your answer somewhere. [links]

    4. This is another simple script you'd have to just take your time to write. You'd have the script continue at a different place depending on the answer. Again, browse the tutorials that I linked in 3.

    5. This is another extremely easy script involving the givepokemon command. You'll definitely find it in the tutorials above.
    1. Leafeon evolution -> can anyone tell me how to open up the raw ASM of the game? Where you could edit something like this? (Eevee evolutions). I can't find it.

    2. Thanks!
    3. Thanks!
    4. Thanks!
    5. Thanks!

    Looking at the script is hard for me, and its hard to know how to write it from a noob stand point, but those helped, and I was able to find a few others in line with all of that. Still got a couple of questions.

    1. Editing Ruby Intro - (NOT title screen) - the text and Birch sprite. Apparently Text Editor works, but for me, it is all messed up. Any text edited in the intro (even those without making it repoint/go too long) messes up text ELSEWHERE (dialogue) in Littleroot.

    2. Opening Sequence- Ruby has that cursed truck scene (which I'm utilizing) but I'm having trouble editing all of the dialogue! (After setting the clock, the mom comes in, after rescuing Birch, he goes into a rant in the lab with questions). No matter what part of the script on my ADVANCE MAP and PKSV I open up, this isn't showing up. Again, A-TEXT is failing me here. Recommendations or thoughts?

    3. PKSVU has a script generator and there are various PKSV command tutorials out there, but what i cannot seem to find is the merging of scripts.

    For example of the most complicated I would like a trainer to:
    Ask a question, if yes, then battle.
    If won, give pokemon/item/egg.
    Then the trainer walk away/disappear like the rival.

    This basic string of code is something I would really like to use. I'm seeing them in the tutorials but not exactly explaining the mixing and matching. (Maybe they are and I'm too dumb to catch it).

    4. Advance Map has no highlight/copy/paste method for its tiles does it?

    5. Lastly, and mostly out of interest, has anyone created map packs of Kanto/Johto for R/S/E to be uploaded via A-MAP? While this really isn't necessary, it could be super fun to mess around with.