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Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
@Somniac: I like to compare the dorms to Harry Potter. But you probably shouldn't do that because it's the atmosphere is just utterly wrong in that comparison. There's a social area yes. It's slightly humble, but it's there complete with sitting area and some furnishing (Including a TV). Then there are the actual rooms. Everyone gets their own room, though some choose to share their room with another. You're free to personalize your room, though if you do anything to destroy the property you may find a teacher yelling at your character. Rooms come equipped with quite a bit of basic furnishing.

The dorms are slightly nicer entei than raikou, and slightly nicer for suicune than entei. It's a small detail, but a fact of life none-the-less.
Ah yeah that's sort of what i was envisioning, works out perfectly actually.

I should stop asking so many questions, I feel like I'm being some sort of monstrous abomination which fires questions out of its eyes and sustains itself on answers.
Nothing can stop me! I shall be called the curiosity-beast and I shall rule supreme.

Ahem. That said....

How often do most people update, I don't want to be pushing updates and causing people to rush to keep time-lines concurrent or anything. Will probably average a post every 1-2 days I imagine, although, that is me taking my time; I can be speedy if desired.