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Originally Posted by Gideon Jeremiah View Post
Well if you like hacks (even just playing them), I recommend you check out the hacking section of the forums

It has everything you'd need, including more fantastic hacks to play! :D
Originally Posted by Wind Heart View Post
Hi beautifly1992! So you have checked out Emulations section, right? There are numerous Pokemon hacks here. And you could talk about Pokemon here, too, not just about hacks only. You like Pokemon Anime? Pokemon Anime section is for you! So happy Pokecommunitying!
thank you Gideon i shall have a look :D

and thank you Wind Heart i will have a look i havent been to that section yet but i do like anime and anime based hacks i shall find myself some more hacks i like i wourld like to be able to hack is there a section i can teach myself how to do that.

Originally Posted by Tackle View Post
Hello Beautifly! Welcome to the PokéCommunity!
Name's George but you can call my Gero. =D
I see, you interested in hacks right? the right place for you. =P
There are many interesting hacks there, such as Dark Violet. xD
Well, enjoy and good luck! ~
i shall go download now :D thank you yay :P
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