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Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
@Somniac: However often you want? I suggest meeting your partner's speed. There's no consistency in speed. Regardless, once a day is a good minimum to hold yourself to. Never feel obligated to wait more than 3 days for any reason for someone to post.

Also, I recall you asking about classes. There's exactly 1 assigned class at the beginning of each day. The GMs assign them and that's it. You're allowed to take extra voluntary classes, either by asking a teacher character's RPer or by controlling an NPC teacher yourself. (You could also ask someone else to play an NPC teacher, but...)

Days take a long time to pass in realtime, so I wouldn't get too into the idea of classes unless you want to pursue those player-controlled teachers like I mentioned earlier. That's easily the best way to get taught.

@igotpokeballs: I suppose so. o_o
I see, thanks for feeding the curiosity-beast, it's much appreciated.