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    Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
    This. Since people are asking, I think it should be changed. I felt it was utterly out of character for both the characters and the game.

    I also fixed the word dialogue in that quote cos it was annoying me

    Firm and permanent no.

    I highly doubt you downloaded 3.1, since we haven't supported a link to 3.1 for months. If you DID download 3.1, upgrade straight away and start a new game because it's very buggy and you won't be able to continue very far into the game.

    We are currently on version 3.3.XXXXX (as the thread title suggests). This is an ever evolving version, where content is constantly being added and bugs fixed as and when they arise. In this way, we don't release "new" betas, in the traditional sense. If you report a bug, we fix it and release a new build of the ROM as soon as it's fixed, so you can redownload and repatch and continue playing straight away.

    It "ends" (as of the time of this post) in the middle of the second island of the Orange Islands. All of Kanto and Johto is playable.
    what version should i suppose to download now? can you give me the link?
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