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Originally Posted by 11wildy View Post
I kind of only do challenges if I can combine them with a monotype, or when they are INSANELY difficult. So I kind of want to do a Ruby/Sapphire run with NO Pokecenter/Market. I could use some advice for it...

What starter should I use? Mudkip kills most of the game by itself, but I don't know if it learns enough TMs to keep up with PP. Blaziken has a few problems on the way, mainly 6th and 8th gym, but learns more offensive TMs as well as getting better super effective coverage. And Blaziken KILLS the E4.

Apart from that, should I use Groudon or Kyogre? I cannot grind, since it will cost too much pp and hp, thus the legendaries seem like a solid choice, since they are strong and high leveled. Kyogre can help Swampert with the 8th gym with Thunder(bolt), while Groudon can be a great help in the E4, or a Blaziken supporter in general. I wouldn't mind running Groudon+Swampert or Kyogre+Blaziken though, if that gives better coverage.

Any help?
those leppa berries will come in handy, as will the various ethers on the ground.

go with kyogre, and give it shock wave first maybe to save on PP.

Blaziken will also have trouble with the 7th gym, although you could also skip the 6th gym and beat Winona with Kyogre later, since Fly isn't essential to get around.

I think Swampert should be fine though, there are enough pp items to help you out.