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    Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
    Hey Leikaru! First off, lemme start by stating how much I like your user name - It looks really cool and sounds really rad. :D Anyway, welcome to Pokécommunity - the Pokemon forum that never goes inactive! Well, err, except in cases where the activity increases so much that the server crashes, but yeah, you get the point I assume. XD; And well, I'm really glad to see a person with interest in the creative sections of the forum. I look over a creative section myself - Art & Design. Do post in there sometime, mmkay? Section needs some serious activity boost anyway, haha. But I guess that's just me being a little selfish, no? :p As for game development, to be quite honest, I was into it myself when I joined. Section is pretty fascinating with all kinds of awesome pokemon games and cool tools that are available in there. <3; Are you, perhaps, making a game? If so, I'd love to play it some day! Will totally be on the lookout for any threads you make in that section, haha.

    Anyway, enough babbling on my part! :p Once again, welcome to the forums! Hope you have a really wonderful time here. Do not hesitate to contact Cirno or our very own Cid if you have any sort of trouble! Oh, and last but not the least, be sure to have a look at the Pokécommunity rules at least once - will make it easier for you to stay out of any kind of unnecessary trouble. ;D Happy forum-ing! If that makes any sense. :p
    Yeah, it all makes sense as far as I can see. I'll check out the Art & Design section soon then (you weren't being selfish, by the way). Cheers for the rules warning. I've checked them more than enough times for them to be implanted into my head. As for the username thing, well, I kind of made a word out of random letters, and that was it! It was my username.
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