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    Thank you very much for the welcoming.
    Yeah, Italy is a really nice place if you like food, art and the fashion of old style towns and villages, still built like centuries ago. Unfortunately, youngsters these days find art so boring, or otherwise the old fashion really sad, so they hate their native country and wish to live in big places like America.
    x Cirno - As i said, i don't possess a nintendo ds, and the emulator on this old computer consumes a lot of energy, that's the reason why i haven't played a lot about the new games. Not because i think the old ones better, simply because don't have the resources to play the new ones, even so somethings i have learnt thanks to pokémon fan friends that keep me informed.
    x Leaf Storm - Actually, i'd like to try and make a hack, but i'm not so good with programming, the only things i could do is make the story, and edit the pokémon stats, evolution and location. I could make a team, but i'm not the guy that likes bothering others, so i prefer being a gamer of the hacks, giving suggestions for future games or new versions.
    x Gideon - Technically, i don't need to improve my english, since i grew up in Australia, i'm just a little rusty sometimes because here in Italy not many people speak it or understand it, so i can practice writing and speaking only with my dad (that lives in England now) and on forums.
    Thanks again for the greetings, if you want to have a chat and be friends just contact me and i'll be glad to make new friends.
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