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    Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
    Also some visual puzzles were crazy easy if you turned up the 3D slider which seemed a little unfair to people who can't/won't play with the actual 3D option turned on. This didn't detract a whole lot from the game for me, but I never did get used to it.
    That was my first thought when I heard a new Layton was being developed for 3DS "Will the puzzles be easier if 3D is enabled?", but, to be honest, I haven't found yet any puzzle which becomes easier if you have the 3D slider turned up. If you remember at least one, could you tell me? I'd like to try that, I'm really curious about it.

    Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
    I didn't really notice the music as much in this entry but it wasn't bad music or anything. Just not as amazing as I remember the first two games' OSTs being. (I absolutely adored them but they're the only ones I've listened to outside of the game. D
    After I beat the game, my first impression was "It looks like this time there hasn't been much variety of music" but when I looked for some information about the OST of the game, it had even more soundtracks than previous games so... I don't know what to say XD

    It looks like the next game will be about the vestiges found in Layton 4, Layton 5 and the movie "Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva". I might be watching the movie to understand better what the next game will be about.

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