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    This is kinda just a little discussion thread of what Pokemon (plural) you like best aesthetically in the Unova Dex. Meaning not caring about stats, or how well they do competitively, or how popular they are. It's just a question of personal aesthetic from Unova fans and haters alike - mainly because the Pokemon's designs are something that regularly gets bashed, and it honestly gets annoying when the reason stated is "because it just looks ugly" or the like. It's a discussion of why you think Trubbish/Garbador are terrible even though they are just callbacks to Grimer/Muk (and to me, better designed and more interesting callbacks).

    My aesthetic generally leans towards strange/cute Pokemon. From Swampert to Pikachu, I love a lot of Pokemon. (Even Simisage, but only because it sports a wicked pompadour and pompadours are amazing?) The only ones I seem to not like are ones that don't feel imaginative - compare Durant and Emolga. Emolga is, for one, really cute and also actually screams "electric! flying! squirrel!" while still having that Pokemon look (even if it is just electric because of the colored cheeks that remind you of Pikachu). Durant, is well... "is that a steel ant? Why is it so ant-y?" It doesn't feel like a creative and cool design, and is too much like the original ant template (to me).

    Are there any other Pokemon you feel also fit the "unimaginative" bill, or fit your "AWESOME." bill? Do you think it would be better if a Pokemon's colors were switched around? Or do you just want to challenge me on my thinking that Trubbish/Garbador is well-designed? |3

    (couldn't find a recent thread on this or one specifically about legit aesthetics so)

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