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    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    But it really depends on the game. Like I said, I'm a boxer, so when I bought Punch Out for the Wii I was so excited to try out my combinations and see if they work. (Probably not because Lil Mac is SO SLOW) Right when I started the game I tried to do a left jab and stupid Mac did a left body blow. Every time the guy kept doing a body blow. I checked the controls and apparently I had to press up on the d-pad to do a proper jab? No, screw that, not my problem Lil Mac is so little. After that I still kept on using Wiimote + Nunchucks because I thought it'd be good exercise stretching my arm but because the controls are so unresponsive and Mac is so slow I had to waggle. After losing so many times in the World Circuit against Soda Popinski I gave up and switched to Wiimote so I can play Punch Out with its classic controls and won on my first try. (And then proceeded to lose against Bald Bull shortly afterwards.)
    Funny you should say that, because I know some users who played Punch Out!! without a problem using motion controls. It entirely depends on where you placed your sensors.

    But I love Skywards Sword. If anything it's the only thing I even liked about that game halfway through. A lot of people blame the motion controls for why they hate Skyward Sword, but really it's the weird design decision throughout the whole game. I stopped midway through the game because of the horrible padding but whenever I think about the game I keep wanting to slice some monsters.
    Yet Skyward Sword won many awards and was regarded as one of the greatest games of all time, according to a mod from BMGF.

    On topic, I actually tried kinect sport boxing in a local store and good god it sucks. Not only can't the Kinect sensor keep up with my fast combination, but I can't even dodge. I don't even know how to deal damage either, because a proper right straight did as much as a left jab. :/
    Kinect, along with Playstation Move, always have inferior motion controls compared to the Wii. Seriously, I've seen a few let's plays using Kinect and Playstation Move, and the players themselves are having serious trouble on those games.