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Hack name: Pokemon Rainbow

Hack of: Fire Red

Additional information about the hack:
You start as a Boy/Girl who is 13 years old and you will fight in your journey Team aqua/Magma/Rocket and they are planning to team up to control a shiny celebi who had the power to change the time and if the one owns that celebi he can rule the world also the hero/heroine will try to stop them and when the adventure process Ho-oh will appear in alot of events to save the player from the enemy [because sometimes you will fail to fight the enemy or you will be forced to lose or something] oh and you will be able to capture ho-oh at the end of the game and also Giovanni will rule the world because he will be the first one who capture the shiny celebi and destroys team Aqua/Magma and then you will use a normal celebi to go and fight Giovanni and after you defeat him he will use the shiny celebi to eliminate the player but ho-oh will come and make a rainbow beam or something to free the shiny celebi and thats all of course there will be alot of events and stuff going on in the storyline but that what i can come up with for now

Finished percentage: 0.5%

Your hacking skills: Spriting, Scripting

What help or skill you're looking for: Mapping

Additional contact information: PM please

Additional information:
Hello All ,
Are you a newbie to rom hacking?
Want to join a team but you haven't done rom hacking before or maybe you have done some rom hacking before but don't have any proof of work?
Well i am offering a solution... i am putting together a team of newbie rom hackers .
This is almost like an apprenticeship and by the time you want to leave.
You will have enough proof of work to get you into a team or maybe you just want to gain the skills and experience of being in a team.
PM me for more details.