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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    Already we have two people with perfectly opposite opinions. And this is great, because it shows the wide spectrum of opinions here. To come in and say "(insert hack here) is horrible at (insert category here) and does not deserve to win (come second/come third) in it at all. People don't get it." is basically saying the people who voted for it are not allowed to have an opinion.

    LC and CrystalDust got awards for things like mapping because they had to recreate the original maps. I used to remake original Rollercoaster Tycoon maps for use in the newer games (currently up to RCT3, likely not going to be a future one). Trust me when I say this: remaking an original classic map or level is NOT a simple task. It's much easier to create a new map than recreate an existing one. One tiny tiling error and it's not perfectly cloned, and thus fails from a mapping standpoint.

    So they deserve these awards like anyone else, and people have a right to choose who they think are the best.

    Your points for those two hacks I will grant you, and I agree. However when it comes to LP, FS, and by a slighter extension Brown...

    1. Both are old hacks; haven't even been worked on for years.
    2. They are still voted on (and only these hacks are voted in plenty of cases if you look at the nominations) ritually by people that seem to not have played anything different and/or vote only because it's at the top of the topic list.

    [Warning, rant]
    I'm not just crying and moaning here, there's a reason why this is a problem. It means that PC's Hack Showcase in specifics is dying because nothing new grabs these people's attention. What will they vote on after all these are crossed out? Moreover, once the voting has been done and over with and people eventually don't care about these, what will happen to the HS? If something doesn't happen soon, it's just going to be completely deserted by the fans of these items and the HS will be officially dead.