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    The scales are rather prominent, but hasn't Unova always struck you as a "rough" region? Given how many things may outright kill you, it seems appropriate for certain Pokèmon to be bred for the harshest of conditions (a lovely re-occuring theme).
    In regards to the "kickbutt" note; I'm actually a sucker for the adorable ones (currently EV training a Minccino, solely because of how fantastic it looks .).

    Oh no, I wasn't stating that the Unova Pokèmon are inherently superior!
    I was simply stating that given the possible color palletes back in the days of Gen I & II, it is interesting to note that so many "eye-popping" colors with subtle hues are being utilized. Using as much of a systems resources as is necessary, that's all I meant (sorry for improperly phrasing it).
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