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    It's just so... yellow... xD
    And aha, that's kinda adorable. I actually find cuteness in everything so I can just say I love all cute things (Swampert and Haxorus are pretty adorbs). And Minccino do look so cute! I actually have a plushie of one beside me right now. Despite how poorly made it is, it has a big smile and fluffyness that just makes me want to huggle it forever. (2much?)

    Whoops. I was only trying to imply you implied only Unova dragons were superior. My bad.

    But in all seriousness, thanks for clarifying, haha. I can definitely see what you mean now. Kanto had some very rich colors - see Dragonite's bright tan-orange versus Haxorus medium yellow ochre. There's a big difference - but you also have to consider the design overall. Dragonite was a super happy dragon and was designed to be kind of plump and cute, even if it was a monster in battle and ate you every time you tried to touch the Elite Four. Newer Pokemon are a tad less... I'll use "childish", minding the negative connotation. Especially in your examples, Dragon-types have gotten quite a bit more threatening - meaning, like, all of the Unova Dragon-types (final evos) are just more ~manry and cool.

    Hydreigon, Druggidon, Haxorus, even the legendaries are all fairly threatening (even if Reshiram kind of looks like a squishy pillow?)

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