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    (Not at all, I actually ordered one online a while ago; just something to put on my shelf when I'm home ill :D ).

    It is also interesting to note the influences of Unova's dragons.
    Dragonite was, if anything, a European inspired dragon.
    Seeing as we know that Gyarados was originaly intended to be the Gen I "Japanese" dragon, alongside Dragonite as the "European" dragon.
    ((This is a reference to the story in Japanese lore, which Magikarp is based off of. Essentially, once one swims to the top of a specific waterfall, it is turned into a flying dragon)).
    Yet Unova is certainly taking Western cues in it's dragon-designs.

    Oh yes, they are absolutely threatening.
    Though given how all of Unova seems to be one massive creepypasta, it's not unexpected (The though has crossed my mind, than I realized that I don't want to be killed by a giant fire-breathing dragon ).
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