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    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    Then that's your problem. Besides, Punch Out!! is actually suppose to be a puzzle game rather than a sports game.
    Wrong. Despite all the BS it has, a lot of Boxing elements are present in the game. Yeah, footwork which is the biggest thing in boxing isn't possible, but the whole defensive play is much like boxing. Knowing how to dodge moves, having good reactions and reflexes, finding openings to attack and finding ways to counter your opponent is how it is in boxing. There's nothing to deduce for it to be a puzzle, just know the pattern/rhythm of your opponent.

    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    Skyrim had its problems too such as some bugs I've heard from My Nintendo News. Isn't backtracking a good thing? It's what made the Metroid games and previous gen Pokemon games good for you. The game's director stated that he will not leave the team until he has created a Zelda game that surpasses OoT, but no thanks to its unpleasable fanbase, he'll never achieve his goal.
    It's a good thing if it was incorporated well. Skyward Swords didn't, because going to the same place all again for something so trivial as to find, say, a windmill is so tedious and not my idea of good game design.

    I've never played Ocarina of time. (Probably gonna correct this soon, as my brother plans to buy it on the 3DS.) As a matter of fact I don't really like Zelda much at all, but Skyward Sword is my least favorite. I do like Metroid though.

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