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    I was referring to how most Chinese dragon depictions - at least the ones you will see most often - are extremely snakelike, but some do have stubby little arms and legs. Hydreigon kinda fits the bill, but it's Dante-ized* and quite big for a snake.
    *Devil had three heads.

    Actually, what do you think of the extremely common three-heads theme in Pokemon? Is it better that Pokemon seems to be moving away from it? They made Magneton into Magnezone, and I can only remember one three-header (the one mentioned above) in Unova off the top of my head. What do you think it did aesthetically for the Pokemon? o_o I think it was cool on Exeggutor, but otherwise, to me, it seems only as an excuse to build another evo out of the same mold.

    And. Uh. Wow. I did not know that was what the Relic Castle was based off of. That's, well, that's more than spooky.

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