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    Nonono PNG is the one that saves the quality! JPEG messes up your colors. xD

    But either way. For your art, I really like all your concepts! I also like how, even if you're doing an anime style, you keep a thick, bold line! It's very nice. (I might be biased because it isn't *super* *duper* *kawaii-desu*) Your way of drawing hair is also nice - detailed, but not overly for a simple style like yours.

    I feel like you could improve on your anatomy and shading a bit - but it's best to go at these with small experiments. Like how your elbow will always meet up with your belly button. The center of the elbow shouldn't be lower or higher than it. And maybe you could try multiple shades! It would be really cool to see you try something with a couple of shades and hightlights :0

    Or it would be really cool to see you make stuff. Either works - whatever you prefer, of course. :D

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