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Milotic is a good example. This is a BW thread? xD

But some of the designs just... aren't that creative to me in BW. I mean, their colors may be gorgeous, and their designs sensical and clever... but it doesn't have that Pikachu glow, or that Milotic beauty!

Ducklett and Swanna. Nice, fitting, sharp colors. The ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan. They are drawn like Pokemon. Why don't they feel like Pokemon? Well, let me compare Altaria, who reminds me a lot of Swanna. It has more going for it than "oh that's a stylized bird drawing." Its body is a cloud, for one (hipster Altaria snarks at Cloudy Unova Trio).

Leavanny is a good example of this. She's made of leaves, so what? Well, she makes her own clothes of leaves, as well. Also, it's very humanoid (contrasts nature and humanity for brownie points!). And this might be irrelevant, but one interpretation of its name is "leaf nanny", which makes perfect sense - especially since it's (EXCUSE THE POSSIBLE SEXISM) very womanly shaped!

Also, Garbador makes trash look good.

(No no, you're fine! I'm just eager to have a big discussion with lots of opinions. xD)

edit: I was ninja'd! Twice! You're totally right, by the way. It even has a mechanical feel due to the coloring, the sort of "armor" skirt, and the bandaid on the chest. (I'm calling it a bandaid.) I have seen some hate on it for having an unproportionally sized head, however. :/

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