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Originally Posted by RoreyG View Post
Personally, I don't think we need to remake any game of the Advanced Generation (Kanto or Hoenn).

Hell, the reason why Gen 1 was remade in the first place is because the creators needed to find a way to get the remaining Pokemon from Kanto and Johto to complete the National Dex for Hoenn as the GBA couldn't link with the older GameBoy systems.

The main reason why Gen 2 was remade for the DS is for exactly the some thing. The DSi and all systems after couldn't link with the GBA games and the creators needed to find a way for players to complete the National Dex.

Gen 5 doesn't have this problem as you can freely link up with the Gen 4 DS games.

Also, the first two Generations were remade because the GB and GBC cartridges were glitched and the saved game data was corrupted over a period of time. Without those remakes, fans would not have been able to revisit those regions. As I understand it, the GBA games don't suffer this effect so anybody who misses the Hoenn region could just fire up their GBA and relive their adventures there.

That said, if I had to choose it's a no brainer. I'm a Kanto boy at heart.
Fully agree!

Also, you can have all of the Hoenn legendaries in 5th gen via Pal Park + transfer, Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza are available in HGSS, the Regis can be transferred from Platinum or caught in BW2, the [email protected] can be caught in HGSS... There's no sensible reason for Hoenn remakes other than shiny graphics.

I'd be much happier if the next game was already 6th gen... And a new adventure in Kanto (not a remake), with a proper story, would be much cooler as well.

People go crazy about Hoenn but it's Kanto who had the short end of the stick... Most featured region, yes, but I thought FRLG weren't all that good of a remake, and Kanto is just an adjacent region in HGSS... A brand new adventure in Kanto, set years after 1st gen, with an interesting story, would be great fun.

Not sure if a Hoenn remake is feasible as well, since it can't be on the DS... There has never been three main Pokémon games in the same console before... Only way for Hoenn to be remade would be on the 3DS.

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