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Just finished the Gym Battle with Shade, which took three attempts. I only won because Nejibana, my Gyarados, managed to pull off a extremely lucky win against Spiritomb, meaning that I didn't have to use Tobiume, my Magby.
My current team is (all members are female):
RyujinJaka/Blaziken Lv.54 Double Kick/Brave Bird/Cut/Blaze Kick
Nejibana/Gyarados Lv.39 Twister/Ice Fang/Bite/Aqua Tail
Wabisuke/Spinda Lv.20 Tackle/Psybeam/Rock Smash/Faint Attack
Konjiki/Croagunk Lv.31 Sucker Punch/Revenge/Swagger/Mud Bomb
Gonryomaru/Emolga Lv.28 Spark/Pursuit/Electro Ball/Shock Wave
Tobiume/Magby Lv.21 Smog/Leer/Ember/SmokeScreen
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