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    Originally Posted by SolusX View Post
    I've been doing a lot of testing and have come up with an area to focus on fixing. What I most suspect to be the problem with this is Maya and the Nitro plugin OR G3DCVTR. Considering G3DCVTR has been in use for a long time, it could be Maya and/or the Nitro Plugin. I just obtained 3DS Max 6 and the Nitro plugin for that and will test it momentarily. I'd say if it has the same problem, there could be a bug with importing in the program.

    edit: Hitting a dead end. 3DS Max 6 doesn't run on Windows 7, and it's giving me issues on an XP Virtual machine. I have no way to test it.
    Try 3DS Max 8, not 2008. It supports the plugins very well.
    Quote: Originally Posted by Trifindo
    Hello I´m not very good at english but I think that this can help you.

    There is a programme called SM64DSe, you can download it here:
    It can import .obj files in SUPER MARIO 64 DS roms and the results are really good!
    You can check an old video I made:
    Well I don´t know if it is posible to do it in a Pokemon rom. =/

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial!!

    I've heard of the editor before, but I don't think the 3D Model types are the same. Since the games were developed at different times, newer filetypes have been made, so the formats would be vastly different. As well, the 3D engines in each game are vastly different, so one model probably wouldn't work on the other.

    It'd be interesting to see if the creator of SM64DSe could perhaps make a model importer tool for the Pokémon DS games though.
    Yes they are way different, expecially when you hex edit them.....

    BTW Team Fail, I've almost completed the land narc up to Route 103, and a beta of Petalburg City. Now I just need to fix some permissions and import some of the other maps. I'm still trying to fix some hex editing textures I meesed up. An Spiky is helping me with some 3DS Max errors, 3DS MAX 6 gives me alot of errors, but 3DS Max 8 is doing ok. I feel like something else is not completed yet.Therefore you have to wait sometime before I finish this...
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