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Made some more progress since last night.
  • Freed the real director and got the Card Key.
  • Used the Card Key and finished Team Rocket once and for all.
  • Flew to Blackthorn City and beat Claire, lucky freeze hax on Kingdra made it a perfect win.
  • Completed the Dragon Challenge and got the badge.
  • Flew home and got the Master Ball from Prof. Elm.
  • Surfed over to Kanto, now for the Pokemon League!

Level 54
Shadow Ball
Body Slam
Ice Punch

  • I travelled through Victory Road and crushed Silver again.
  • Healled at the Pokemon League and got some items.
  • Took out Will with no problem, everything 1HKO'd except his damn Slowbro, took my Shadow Ball like a boss.
  • Took out Koga easily, everything 1HKO'd except Forretress, bulky as hell and I have only not very effective moves.
  • 1HKO'd all of Bruno's Pokemon. Ice Punch + Confusion
  • 2HKO'd Karen's Umbreon and Houndoom, everything else was a 1 hit.
  • Lance was easy, ended that battle unharmed. Gyarados was the only one to survive an Ice Punch and it used Rain Dance, lol. Even Charizard was a 1 hit.
  • Well thats it for the Elite Four, now for the Kanto badges and Red!

Bewsa @NeverMeltIce
Level 63
Shadow Ball
Body Slam
Ice Punch
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