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Originally Posted by King_21 View Post
Hello everybody and welcome to my introduction topic ,
My nickname is King and I am 14 years old , I started playing Pokémon 10 years ago but I stopped in April 2012 and now I'm back.
I hope I make a lot of friends here.
List of Pokémon games I played over the years :
Pokemon red
Pokemon blue
Pokemon gold
Pokemon ruby

Pokemon sapphire
Pokemon leafgrean
Pokemon firered
Pokemon emerald

Pokemon pearl
Pokemon platinum
Pokemon diamond
Pokemon HeartGold
Pokemon black

Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team
Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time
Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky
Pokemon rangers
Pokemon rangers shadows of Elmia
(It's Almia, in my region at least xD)
Pokemon dash
Pokemon indigo
Pokemon battle quest
Pokemon online
Hey King!

You're also 14! xD But I've been playing all my life xD I've played the games that are bold xD wow man, that's a lot! xD
Anyways, enjoy PC and have fun! Bye!

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