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Originally Posted by VERGUNDAI View Post
Try 3DS Max 8, not 2008. It supports the plugins very well.
All the plugins I know of that I have go up to Max 8. Just be sure you're using the version of the program the plugin was designed for so you don't run into problems.
Originally Posted by VERGUNDAI View Post
BTW Team Fail, I've almost completed the land narc up to Route 103, and a beta of Petalburg City. Now I just need to fix some permissions and import some of the other maps. I'm still trying to fix some hex editing textures I meesed up. An Spiky is helping me with some 3DS Max errors, 3DS MAX 6 gives me alot of errors, but 3DS Max 8 is doing ok. I feel like something else is not completed yet.Therefore you have to wait sometime before I finish this...
Alright. No problems. Just PM me the land data file and any other texture files when you're done.
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