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    Luxanna's Log #1 & a ½

    The world that Lux imagined was in was white. Then it was red. Then it was white again because someone spilled white paint on it. Then the person in change of coloring the world became so mad that he created a big bang, making billions and trillions and even gazillions types of colors. And thus, came the world that Lux was in today. The MAO universe. It all started when Lux was busy, trying to eat a rock-hard Magikarp, when that funny little lock down happened. That wasn't to say that everyone panicked. Some people even died. As for Lux, she was still alive and kicking, without a serious care in the world. She just wanted to play the game.

    Lux first started in New Bark town, where she encountered good ol' Professor Elm. He of course, was real troubled with the people dying, and the lockdown and all, but he hasn't found a good solution yet. Lux met him about a week ago, around the time she first met with her new best friend - a Growlithe she received when she first signed up. Lux thought that the good Professor had an answer to everything, including a lifelong problem she constantly had.

    "Professor, this is serious. Should I eat 10 apple pies, or 12?" she asked. "I mean, what if I eat 10, and I'm still hungry? But what if I eat 12, and I'm just too full? What on earth do I do?"

    "Why not just eat 11?" the professor replied that day. "It's the number between 10 and 12, so it should be the right amount?"

    "But... I dunno," Luxanna said concerned. "11 is such a bland number, you know? It's like, the number ten and the number twelve are very easy to say, but eleven? That's like, a three syllable word!"

    Her question was never truly answered that day. But she'll find the answer in time. Soon she sought her proud self upon Route 29, where... it was pretty bland looking road, but Lux sure enjoyed it! The dirt on the ground seemed to be tampered with when she last visited here; and there are more fresh footprints here now! So something, or someone must of been here! The sun was just as bright as she remembered from yesterday too; and the atmosphere was just as peaceful as before. Lux smiled as she waved 'hello!' to the sun, and a quick 'hello!' to the green grass, the dirt on the road, and the sturdy tree trunks. One week after she first started playing and she still couldn't believe it - she was inside a pokemon video game with her very own pokemon! Very cool indeed!

    Soon, she stumbled upon a tree where she heard leaves rustling. Soon, her curious nature encountered a flustered Pidgey, as it cutely flapped it's wings as it roosted upon a nearby tree branch, right in front of Luxanna. Luxanna could easily tell what kind of pokemon it was.

    "A Natu!" she smiled. "Oh wait, wait, no it's not - it's a Pidgey! Yeah! Everyone knows what a Pidgey is; it's like, on the first page of pokemon 101! And hey, it's wild! Ohhhhh maaaaaan I get to capture a pokemon! Finally!!" She then took out a familiar pokeball of hers, and threw it in the air. The pokeball opened, and the energy released materialize into her faithful partner - her Growlithe. Growlithe made a joyful bark upon being released outside. "Alright Growlithe! See that Pidgey up there? We're going to battle it, okay?" Growlithe barked in agreement as it prepared itself for combat. The Pidgey sensed the danger immediately, and flew out from the branch in a flight-battle stance.

    "Maaan this is so awesome! I'm about to call out an attack!" Luxanna smiled. "Okay! Growlithe, use your - wait for iiiiiiiit - Use your Ember!" Growlithe obeyed immediately as it blew chunks of small ember flames towards the tiny bird. The energetic Pidgey reacted, as it dodged to the left out of the harmful Ember's way. "This AWESOME! A wild pokemon just invaded my pokemon's attack!" Then, the Pidgey dived towards the Growlithe, tackling it on the nose, sending it back as the Pidgey made an ascent back on the sky. "This is AMAZING!! A WILD POKEMON JUST ATTACKED MY POKEMON!" Growlithe was not as thrilled, as it shook of the damage, being able to move again.

    "Growlithe, switch to a Leer Attack!" Luxanna then ordered, as her Growlithe then growled as he stared deep enough that Luxanna thought it was staring towards Pidgey's chicken-magnetic soul... Pidgey flinched from the intimidation. "Now, while it's flustered - Bite Attack!" Growlithe then jumped, and swiftly bit upon the wild Pidgey's wing, bringing Pidgey right towards the ground, dealing much expected damage from Lux's Growlithe.

    Soon Pidgey rose back on it's feet, as it tried to prepare another tackle attack. "Quick - Ember to finish!" Luxanna ordered, as her Growlithe once again blew his trademark bits of flame, scorching the Pidgey, making it slump on the ground. "Ahhhhh this is it!! I should catch it now! Okay, first take out a pokeball... then um... should I make like, a baseball throw or just a regular throw... REGULAR THROW IT IS! Okay!" She brought out her empty pokeball, and threw it towards the Pidgey. The pokeball opened, and the energy inside sucked in the weak Pidgey, closing the Pokeball and sealing it inside as it dropped down on the ground.

    The pokeball shook once. Then twice. Then a third time.

    "Come on...!" hoped Luxanna.

    To be continued.

    ...Right now.

    The pokeball stopped moving. As Luxanna and her Growlithe moved in on it closer, they jumped, overreacted, to the 'ping!' sound it chimed, signalling a successful capture. Luxanna and her Grwolithe exhanged glaces, then smiled while nodded as Luxanna moved in closer to pick up her prize: a new Pidgey. "I should say something dramatically now, right?" Lux wondered. Then, she rose the pokeball in the air. "I just caaaaaaaught... a Pidgey!" she hollered, followed up with a triumphant howl from her Growlithe.

    "Thanks Growlithe, take a break!" Lux said with a smile, as she took out Growlithe's pokeball, and returned her Growlithe safely inside. This was quite fun for her; she successfully captured a Pidgey! Now it was time for more things, as she set off for her next destination.


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