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    Who is this?...

    They had been running at a pretty good speed about a few seconds until Krissu suddenly tripped and fell. Of course, since she had her hand firmly held, Ange was pulled down with her. It was a very uncoordinated maneuver that was likely going to hurt. Oddly enough, that did not happen. Instead Sia's Pokeball opened and the Solosis glowed pink, lifting her into the air. Kii almost fell though. Ange caught the Caterpie and glanced puzzledly at Sia. The Pokemon hovered in the air, looking almost as though it were smiling.

    "Okay Ange?" She froze, looking at her Psychic type as it set her down. Was that... Was that Sia? Just now... The voice persisted, childlike and worried. "Okay?" Ange nodded then. Certainly, she was all right. Sia let out that odd squealing noise he made when he was pleased and abruptly opened Kii's Pokeball, sucking in the little Caterpie all over again. Ange giggled before looking over at Krissu. She seemed okay, if a little bit dirty.

    The elder was looking at someone, a rather cold male. Or to Ange at least, he seemed rather cold. Did this person know how to smile? She would feel very bad for him if he did not. Everyone ought to learn how to smile at some point in there lives. Then again... he didn't seem to be able to be angry either. Maybe emotions just weren't his thing. That would be too bad then, since... after all, she wasn't really all that good at them either.

    "Is your head okay?" she asked Krissu, realizing that it really must have hurt to have hit the ground like that.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."