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Originally Posted by Pave Low View Post

I actually name a lot of things, too. This ranges from my Cats, who would be dumb without a name, to my Xbox Controller which I call Gengar since it's been painted purple with a massive Gengar in the middle. xD
The question is if you have creativity in the names. I call my phone Speedy (in sarcasm- not very creative), but I call my rabbit Hagelthornibump (don't ask). Meanwhile, my brother calls everything he has the name that it truly has (i.e, stupid trash can) and every persona he uses on most of the stuff he even signs up for is either Darkness or Max. He's not on any forums that I know of, no matter how much I try to persuade him to come to PC

@Codaq: They don't need a psychiatrist... Ok, maybe Ausaudriel does (a tiny bit, for naming his shampoo Toujours), lol.

@Team Fail: Like the kids at the elementary school near my house who always find access over or under or through holes in the fence leading to the railroad tracks behind? I wonder how no one has ever gotten run over yet...
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