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    Originally Posted by pikakitten View Post
    This seems like an interesting place thought I should join in on the DCC Party! xD So what's been happening lately?
    One of the first things in the first post says to look in the previous pages. Please look at the previous posts and figure it out... it's been pretty random though, like it's supposed to be.

    Originally Posted by Codaq View Post
    "Hey pinkie, I will call you Pinkie! Now go play with this adorable cornsnake, in a completely closed aquarium. I'll just go to the supermarket, okay? Have fun!"
    Insta-kill. The mouse is already in the belly before you even touch the door. :O

    Originally Posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗ View Post
    Pfft I didn't want to kill it. u_u He was so adorable with his tiny paws and he actually moved around a bit. <3

    I can't remember, honestly. I'll have to ask my best friend. :x

    But wow he was so cute. Now I handle dead, frozen mice on a daily basis. Their cold, stiff bodies are still cute, though.
    Yes, yes. I'm sure dead bodies that are cold and stiff are still extremely cute. -.-
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