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    Trainer Name: Mira
    Trainer Class: Lady
    Trainer Items: Hyper Potion x4

    Trainer's Pokémon:

    Eeve lv.50
    Item : Leftovers

    Umbreon lv.50
    Item : Leftovers

    Espeon lv.50
    Item : Leftovers

    Flareon lv.50
    Item : Fire Gem

    Vaporeon lv.50
    Item : Water Gem

    Before Battle dialog: My Eeve will beat you!
    Beaten dialog: Don't hurt the Eeve!
    After Battle dialog: Did you know Flareon can make the sun shine?

    Special Info : After defeating her, she gives you a free selectable poke of the Eeve evolution chain. Maybe another after you beat her again after beating the champ (then all of her pokes are lv.75)
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