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Originally Posted by Saltsas View Post
Trainer Name: Drake
Trainer Class: Youngster
Trainer Items: nah :D

Trainer's Pokémon: Forretress, Snorlax, Golem, Crobat, Houndoom, Lapras

Before Battle dialog: Have you saved before you face me?
Beaten dialog: CHEATER! Rematch, now!
After Battle dialog: Well you are good, but cheating leads nowhere!
Originally Posted by Coolmagic View Post
Trainer Name: Mira
Trainer Class: Lady
Trainer Items: Hyper Potion x4

Trainer's Pokémon:

Eeve lv.50
Item : Leftovers

Umbreon lv.50
Item : Leftovers

Espeon lv.50
Item : Leftovers

Flareon lv.50
Item : Fire Gem

Vaporeon lv.50
Item : Water Gem

Before Battle dialog: My Eeve will beat you!
Beaten dialog: Don't hurt the Eeve!
After Battle dialog: Did you know Flareon can make the sun shine?

Special Info : After defeating her, she gives you a free selectable poke of the Eeve evolution chain. Maybe another after you beat her again after beating the champ (then all of her pokes are lv.75)
Guys read his post. You don't post that here you send it to him via pm or in ways indicated in his bug report part of his post on the last page. He JUST said this in his previous post.
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