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Describe these with music from your collection.

I will use my Spotify since I do not have an iPod

1.) Describe your first date: Jungle Fever (she was black [pure-blooded Cameroonian, actually] I'm whiter than sour cream]
2.) Describe your personal religion: Nonexistent (I'm atheist and bash the extremists)
3.) What you think of your current hometown: Honky (Lexington, Massachusetts is on the eternal limbo between snobbish and white trash)
4.) What you feel guilty about: Forecast Fascist Future (I think the US Government is spiraling down the toilet, but I'm the only one I know who seems to notice and wants to do something about it)
5.) What embarrasses you: Simple and Clean (which I am not...)
6.) The title of your autobiography: Highway to Hell (My life sucks like you wouldn't believe)
7.) How you feel about the holidays: I Want to Break Free (from all the BS)
8.) Your greatest fear: Don't Fear the Reaper (I fear death)
9.) Your biggest weakness: Across the Desert (I cant' stand the heat. I burn easily and sweat buckets)
10.) The last lie you told: Animal I Have Become (I am a compulsive liar sometimes)
11.) Your dream job: The Dictator (Who doesn't want to conquer the world?)
12.) Describe your childhood: Hakuna Matata (The Lion King has always been my favorite Disney Movie)
13.) Your personal motto: People = Sh** (Dead serious about this one)
14.) What you'd name a restaurant: Butter-Fly (It will be eclectic but good)
15.) What you'll be doing in 10 years: Do A Barrel Roll (I'll still be a nerd no matter what)
16.) The thing you desire most: Love Will Find A Way (I want true love)
17.) One thing you really hate: American Idiot (I hate capitalism's many flaws)
18.) Describe your political views: Communism (better than Fascist-Capitalism)
19.) How you feel about your friends: White and Nerdy (true story)
20.) The title of a movie based on your life: Untitled (Ironic, but emo)