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Aerous Oxus, The Star

The ball was continuing on its own, bustling as the balls attendants mingled and danced merrily together, minus one Aerous Oxus. Aerous had given up his dance partner, a rather beautiful one at that, to return to his post on top of the stairs, ready to greet the special guests of the night. Looking around the ballroom he took note of where the other members of the Sword were, as they were also part of security, as well as the other card holders. 5 or so minutes passed with Aerous continuing to survey the ball until his card alerted him to the soon-to-be presence of Liberta and Felitcita. He turned, moments before they came into sight, greeting them with a slight bow, to show his respect as well to keep his ability to react to any situation that could effect the well being of the two.

Liberta and Felitcita acknowledge Aerous presence as he stepped to the side and allowed them to pass, following them closely behind as their shadow, their final line of defence if the worse was to happen. Liberta was the first to address the ball, speaking of the celebration before moving to introduce Famiglia's Mama's announcement. Aerous noted that Felitcita was looking rather nervous or worried, he was unable to tell the difference, though her stammering of words lead him to believe it was just nerves. The first half of her speech informed the ball about the days events, including how it was suspected that is was Moreno who had hired the thieves, which was apparently a worrying situation, a fact that personally eluded Aerous. Moreno is the rogue card holder, I think.. he thought to himself as she continued on praising the group who stopped the thieves. As her speech was nearing its end he left their shadow and moved back to his original position, greeting Nova as he appeared, Luca is tow. Nova bowed to the crowds applause before making his way towards the podium. This time Aerous stayed much closer to Nova, due to his importance and the fact that he was looking pale and a little worse for wear.

Nova coughed violently as he took the microphone firmly in his hands, this display of ill health worried Aerous, subconsciously taking a step closer to Nova, just in case. Regaining his composure, Nova began addressing the audience. He spoke of how his health was deteriorating, and that he doubted he would be around for the next ball to celebrate the anniversary of his contracting to The World. The next part peaked Aerous interest quiet a bit. “To determine the appropriate Famiglia member to take my place as head of the family, a tournament shall be held..” Nova continued on with his speech while Aerous apparently froze in time.

Tournament, tournament.. Tournament? I GET TO PARTICIPATE IN A TOURNAMENT!? The severity and meaning behind the tournament was lost to Aerous mind as he thought of the thrill of being able to fight with the other family members and card holders. Though Nova had said it would determine the next head of the family, a fact that had quickly escaped Aerous comprehension after hearing tournament. Another fact that he apparently over-looked, which Nova had continued to explain, was that the tournament would be to see who had the greater control over their emotions, thus leading the the possibility that there wouldn't be any actual fighting between family members in the tournament. I get to fight, I get to fighttttttt. This was the only thing going through Aerous ignorantly bliss mind until he heard the last bit of Nova's speech, the words “donate life force” waking bringing him back to reality. Uh- Why is someone donating their life force..?

“..tournament's winner as to who this fate should fall upon. That is all.” With that, Nova's grand speech, and probable last speech as Papa of the family at an anniversary ball was completed. Turning, Nova began walking towards the door, with Aerous taking up position next to him on the opposite side of Felicita. Nova was slowly walking to the doorway, leading Aerous to worry, pushing out his card's power to it's limit in an effort to make sure that nothing bad would happen to Nova. After helping Felicita escort Nova back, he was dismissed and made his way back to the ball, with the meaning behind the speech now starting to sink in.

So the tournament sounds like great fun, but what was that about one of the family members dying? I must ask someone for clarification! He thought confidently, unaware that he would most probably get scolded for not paying particular attention to the families Papa's speech, and made his way into the crowd to find someone whom he could trust to fill him in. Spotting his ever-viligant Sector Head Marus de Telarius, his course was set, with clarification of the situation definitely needed.
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