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To the mercenaries-

We're currently trying to work to come up with a name for the mercenary group. It's not pressing at the moment, but will be something that the band should have gotten soon. We figure it would be a good idea for you guys to decide the name, so feel free to post any ideas here. Here's what we've come up with so far:

Blood Dragons,The Wolf Pack, The Dragons of Dalenham, Windwalkers, Crashing Dragon, The Blood Pack, The Dragons of the Mist, The Iron Wolves, The 7 Dragons, The Dalenham Mercenaries, The Dragons of Aerion, The Wolves of Dalenham, The Dragon Slayers, Drunken Dragons, The Legion, The Dragons of the Wind, The Iron Dragons

As you can see, we need help. Anyone like any of the names written? Anyone want to add their own names to the list? Feel free! We could take a vote once we have a few some people like.

To the Knights-

Keep the excellent posts coming. Once we get this batch done, we will move on to some interesting stuff before moving on to some adventure!

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