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Hey heyyy, Matty! Welcome to the forum and I'm loving the Absol avatar! <3 It's my favorite dark type~

Second and third gen fan, hmm? I'll recommend the Metal/Color Games and Advanced Gen Games sections for second and third gen talk respectively as well, though you could also stop by 4th Gen Games to talk about the awesome 2nd gen remakes that are HeartGold and SoulSilver. :3 Those are some of the many Pokemon-based sections we have here, so stop by wherever you like and get posting! Besides, any Absol fan is cool in my book, I always use one when I play Emerald (only exception being unless I'm doing a challenge and can't use it). You seem really nice going by your intro too... and the more nice people we have here the better, so stick around. n~n This is a pretty friendly and mature community so it'd be cool if you could be a part of it.

Anyway, I'll stop going on about PC now haha. Is there anything you like besides Pokemon? Who knows, maybe we have more in common than we know about. I like to familiarize myself with all the new members since you really make more friends than you'd ever imagine that way, so it's always nice to ask. I personally am into drawing, writing, and making graphics as well as playing computer games and browsing forums! How about you?

Hope you have a great time here though, and remember to never be afraid of contacting anyone if you want to talk or need help. See you around! =D


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