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Originally Posted by pikakitten View Post
I started this year as a freshman, but I think I'm doing pretty well, though I might not understand most of the play xD

Yeah most likely, or else it'd be full silence and confusion xD
So me taking French is (nearly) pointless again...

Same here, except I'm doing it as an 8th grader who has to eat lunch while taking the class and compromise table manners because I'm in Honors.

You see my dilemma.

@Mr Cat Dog: Many times this is the case... so taking French is even more pointless, si señor.

@pikakitten: I don't take spanish. Spanish is my first language, technically. But I have no accent or anything. So it's the same as you, I suppose. I went to an Italian class for a Freshman for a Day program and we saw a movie... and it was in Italian. I totally understood it, and I didn't notice there were subtitles until it was paused at the end of the class. XD But knowing spanish makes French a lot easier too.
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