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Cassandra "Cass" Alexandera- Dalenham, Eveamoor

Cass woke up from a drunken snooze with the afternoon sun strong in the late spring sky. Her dark blue eyes struggled to take in the light, not wanting to awaken quite yet. However, it was clear that she fought a losing battle against nature. Groaning, Cass stretched her tight limbs and cracked nearly every joint in her legs, arms and neck. As she slowly came to, she found herself shuffling in her makeshift bed of orc bodies. Nesting on the top of a bloody mountain of corpses, Cass nodded to herself: "Not bad, Cass. Not bad." Cass rose from her seat and slid down as gently as she could, her body still off balance and her mind unable to handle swift movements. The courtyard was littered with well over a dozen bodies of orcs, their limbs, blood, and innards decorating the streets like bits of wine and bread after an ostentatious party. The sight stirred Cass awake and all she could was smile. On the ground was a flask of which Cass immediately picked up and proceeded to gulp down without much hesitation. Swallowing was a chore. "Tastes like orc piss. Oh well, I've had worse."

Tossing the flask aside, Cass slowly made her away out of the village, as the hangover made walking in a straight line a bit of a chore. The sights of a deserted village reminded her of the location. What was the place called again? Cass thought to herself. Right. This dump is Sabamin. I wonder where everyone else is. Straining the limited use of her brain for any ideas of where everyone was as well as clumsily dragging her legs around the village, Cass was running out ideas and patience. The village was completely devoid of life, leaving only a vile oder in its wake. "Hm, something tells me I am supposed to be somewhere else…Aw crap." Now it was becoming all clear as the alcohol was leaving her system (she has learned to sober up fairly quickly after years of practice). The others in her mercenary troop had left, leaving Cass all alone in the village. Of course, it did not take long to realize why. She probably insisted on napping after exhausting herself slaughtering dozens upon dozens of orcs. But this left her in a bit of quandary, mostly pondering where in the Infernum to go? Varian probably led them back to Dalenham, seeing how Sabamin's only attraction was Cass' work of art in crafting an orc corpse mountain. So Dalenham it was. At least that is where she would start.

Sabamin, being nothing more than a pitful outskirt to the only highlight in all of Eveamoor, was not a long walk from the central city of Dalenham. By the time she had arrived, Cass was nearly over her hangover and was able to get past the guards without an issue. They expressed concern over her clumsy gait, but Cass assured them it was nothing to worry about and she would head to an inn to rest soon enough.

Market Street was bustling and the loud noises of afternoon/evening shoppers bothered her. Finding Varian should of been easy considering his height, build and general appearance, but the crowds did not make it easy. Neither did her lack of desire to waste time. Glaring at a random young man, Cass sensed fear in the man as he gulped noticing Cass' suddenly cold stare. Cass walked over to the young man, and by the collar of his dirty shirt, pinned them to a wall, getting up close to his face.

"Hey, maybe you can help me out?" Cass, trying to look innocent, but failing miserably.

"U-uh of c-c-course. Anything for you," he said with a stutter.

"I'm looking for my friend. Tall. Long brown hair. Strong build. Scars on his face. Terribly unattractive. Have you seen him around?"

"The Highman? I heard there was one at the Broken Keg."

"The Broken Keg…mhmm. Thanks cutie," Cass said, kissing the young boy on the cheek. "See you around." Releasing the boy who slid to the ground, Cass continued her stride through Market Street, plowing through the crowds, keeping an eye out for any signs that screamed "Broken Keg." Lo and behold, Cass found the bar and breathed a deep sigh of relief.

Cass walked gingerly to the door, before taking a deep breath and barging through the door like a siege weapon demolishing a wall: "Oi! Where is my throne?! Where is my food and drink?!"

Varian in the meantime remained relatively quiet as each member of the group walked in. He didn't even respond to Xeye's 'Wolf Pops' comment, nor did he address the others in the bar when they laughed. She could call him whatever she wants, as far as he was concerned. As long as she did her job, and did it well, that was enough for him. Varian did brief acknowledgements of the others as they came in, but mostly continued to gulp down his Orbrigg Ale but it wasn't until Cassandra came in that he spoke.

"You're late." Varian bellowed from across the room to her. He began reaching into his bag for the payment as she approached.

"But Vary~" Cass moaned all innocently as she walked over to Varian. She hugged from the side, pushing her chest into his face. "You left me all alone and I got lost~. Why would do that to me? I could of gotten hurt or worse~"

Varian's face became noticeably irritated as Cass drunkily pushed her breasts into his face. "Damn it, woman, get yourself off me!" He shouted, bringing his arms up and forcefully removing her and sitting her down in the seat next to him. He shook his head, reaching into his bag for the seven separate pouches inside, setting five of them on the table in front of the other mercenaries. He kept his and Cassandras still in his bag. He usually didn't give her her share, especially when she was drunk, mostly because she would end up spending all of it, or losing it. Instead, he held onto it and gave her portions, or only when she sobered up, (Which rarely happened) and kept the rest with him. Varian had suggested this somewhat earlier on in their travels together, much to the protest of Cass. Eventually though, as the two had learned to trusted each other, she grudgingly learned to accept the proposal.

"The payment was seventy silver total. Ten silver for each of you. Job well done. And a good job staying alive." He said to them, before leaning back and grabbing hold of his ale and downing the contents.

Cass was slightly disappointed that Varian did not cough up her share right away, but was lucky enough to have some leftover coin on her anyway. Not that she would use most of it. Most likely she would pay for a drink or two and then proceed to work up a sizable tab before walking out without paying. It was typical Cass behavior, and nobody would dare tell her to change her ways. "Barkeep! Give me a Golden Brew! I need some Ethorian ale after drinking your crappy Eveamoorian ale all day!" Cass yelled before sighing. "Well since Varian rejected me, who will allow me to cry on their shoulder for the evening?"

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