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    Originally Posted by legendhunter14 View Post
    can anyone tell me what this'yellowgiant' said? i can't open the link and i'm really curious...
    That he worked on the 3d pro, gf needed 3d models so the 3d pro pokedex thing was kind a precursor to the new pokemon ( which is a loop hole because if i remember correctly the sprite art was gonna stay sprites for now)
    That it was gonna take place a good ways from bw2. It was gonna re mechanic iv's and ev's to make them appeal to a greater audience.
    It was gonna take place in a kind of space colony with a large city and other citys being unlocked by new gym badges and stuff like that...
    Oh and it would be more free roam... ( to me is a great idea but nothing about his post sounds legit)
    Oh let me not forget the digital type
    Basef from eevees dna and can virtually evolve in any kind of way. So different players could have different evolution.
    The digital type would be neutral and when it becomes dual typed it gains 4x effectiveness in weaknesses, resistences, and advantage

    I mean he actually went in alot of well worded detail
    But the biggest sign of falsehood to all of this period
    Is gf ot nintendo have never had a leak on this scale..
    Why would it happen now and why would it be this outlandish.
    Imo its bullcrap