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Hii Devante, welcome to PC! =DD Nice to meet you!

Trading and battling can be taken to the Trade Corner and Battle Center respectively, and you're also more than welcome to advertise your friend code in your signature! You can get your teams rated and help regarding teams in general (both in-game and competitive) at the Battle Center too, so any battler should definitely stop by there. Have you been battling for a long time? You should also visit our Pokemon Showdown server since there are a lot of fun people over there who would love to have a battle with you; maybe we can even have a battle sometime too, since I visit the server (though I'm somewhat new to competitive battling). :3 I'll need someone to help me test my new weather team~

Anything else you want to do here? You can talk about whatever on PC, including things unrelated to Pokemon, so here's hoping everything is to your liking. Just make sure to read the rules and such so you understand how the forum works! You can contact me if you want to chat about Pokemon or competitive battling... or pretty much anything Pokemon-related since I really love Pokemon, too. <3 Making friends is one of the great things about being part of a community as big as this one!

So yeah, have a splendid stay on PC. You can contact me or Cid if you have questions about the forum, too, we'd love to help you out. :D

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