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    Looking for some art from people to help me out with a story I been fiddling around with, I need some Visual adds for the Eeveelutions of Dragon, Steel, Ground, Rock, Fighting, Ghost, Bug, Normal, Flying, and poison.

    Dragon, Steel, Fighting, and Ghost are the ones I really would like to start with.

    Some Simple Guidelines, Need to be four legged as the rest of Eeveelutions are, name to end in Eon, Would like to mix up the size( Ex: the Dragon eevee could be larger than the rest, say like Arcanine size)

    Dragon-- Spyro Like, scales and wings, spiked tail, with horns on head.
    Steel-- Like a Eevee in Knights armor, grey scale colors.
    Fighting-- Kickboxers wraps would be nice on legs, maybe mace for tail.
    Ghost --- maybe have a mist flowing off of him, paws separated from legs would be nice.

    Thank you in advance, when I post the story with pics artist will be given full credit for work. Guess this could be like a competition of sorts. I know it not much of a prize but hey it fun. =)
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