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Fel - Cherrygrove City

The journey to Cherrygrove was uneventful, to say the least. Fel chose the straight and narrow path, as he'd already trained Hama and had no real reason not to progress to the city. He was wasting time, as if he were scared of what awaited him at in Cherrygrove. Granted, his curiosity was piqued, but he still wasn't aware of what this organization was capable of and was a somewhat nervous as to what would happen if he did go to his destination; after all, they did somehow cause him to lose his memory of the first three days in the game, albeit temporarily. That wasn't something normal people should have been able to do...not to his knowledge, at least.

When he arrived at the city, he quickly ran to the shore. However, there was one simple oversight: the shore was pretty big. Specifically, it made up the entire right and lower border of the city. "Crap" was the single word that resounded in Fel's mind. His feelings of nervousness and anxiety were replaced with annoyance as he walked along the shore. He didn't see any especially formal looking men there, not ones that stuck out at least.

What did stick out, however, was a rather attractive looking female clad in a bikini looking out at the see, sitting on the shore with her feet in the water. She caught Fel's attention not because of beauty, but rather because of how out of place she was. It wasn't exactly hot outside, and no one was swimming in the water. She was alone, enjoying the view of the sea in a town of moderately warm temperature. She looked behind her, and Fel immediately looked in another direction. He kept his sight away from her for a few moments, hoping that she didn't see him looking at her and would return her gaze to the sea. When he looked back at her, she was still staring at him, which made him start to sweat.

"Wait...I know you." The girl said, scanning over Fel. "Yeah, you were with me and two others in that room four days ago." Fel tried his hardest to remember her, scanning over her as well, but he didn't remember her, and his face made that known. "It's no surprise that you don't remember me, I look a bit different." She coughed into hand and cleared her throat, promptly saying, "Then why are we tied to these chairs? Are we being punished?" Fel didn't know exactly why she said that, but it sounded familiar for some reason. It wouldn't have been uncommon for lines like those to be in books or movies, but what she said sounded like something he'd heard relatively recently. It didn't take long for a light bulb to go off in Fel's head and figure out who she was.

"Oh, you were the girl sitting on my right, weren't you?" If so, she did indeed look different. Her hair had been changed to a surreal blue color, and her outfit changed from a dress to a bikini, revealing a slender figure.

"Yeah, I'm surprised that you remember," she responded. Fel was a little shocked at this, because she had even less reason to remember who he was as he didn't do anything significant in the short time that he was there. He surmised that it was the cap he was wearing, it probably acted as the distinguishing feature of his person. "Name's Mercedes, nice to meetcha'," she said with a smile.

"I'm Fel, likewise." He looked around and said, "Has anyone else dropped by yet, or are we the only ones?"

"So far you and I are the only ones here," Mercedes responded. "Though, I'd surmise that the others will come. They definitely will." Fel turned to Mercedes with a question mark on his face. "There's a reason they picked us for this, and it's not because we're special. The reason they picked the four of us is because our we each have an inclination to fall victim to our curiosity." Fel was a little shocked at how the girl's personality did a complete 180, but he wasn't quick to interrupt her. "This game has a dynamic system, the experience will not be 100% or even 70% the same for one person as it would be for the other, and in those first 3 days of this game that shone through." She stopped and looked at the ground below her. She seemed as if she was going to continue, but minutes passed and she never did.

"...How do you know this?" Fel asked the rather informed coed.

"I don't. This is all mere theory...or maybe it's conjecture. Either way, I feel that this is the case because what they asked of us is almost impossible; the average person would simply forget what happened in the room either out of fear or disinterest...and the organization definitely knew that. The mere fact that you are here and I'm here proves it. We may be normal people, but we must have warped judgment to come to the destination set by our kidnappers without even being given any sort of incentive, and the letters they gave us even said something similar to this. They know that the four of us cannot control our curiosity once it's been piqued. In a sense, the only time we had a choice of coming here was when we decided if we were going to open the letter or not."

Fel didn't refute what she was saying, because all of it was true- at least, in his case it was. He was astounded at her deduction, though. It was something he'd never have considered, nor would he have. He could see that she was done with the subject, so he decided to change the subject. "You realize it's not that hot out here, right? Why are you in a bikini?"

"That's actually related to all this, as silly as it may sound. I was the first one here, and the letter didn't pinpoint a specific location, so I decided that I would make this the location we would wait. After all, who wouldn't notice a girl in a bikini in this city? You sure did." Fel blushed; he had no real way of denying that, either. Mercedes looked back to the sea and said, "Anyway, nothin' left to do but wait for the others. Sit down, the water's fine."

Fel didn't really have any reason not to sit; after all, there was no telling when the others would show up. He took off his shoes and set down next to Mercedes, placing his feet in the cool water and looking to the horizon.
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