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    Luxanna's Log #2 & a ½

    Along with her successful captured pokemon, Luxanna continued her travels through Route 29. The road was quite long, but soon, the town was soon going to be in Luxanna's sights. Soon, there was an important matter to be dealt with first.

    "I have won the battle!" shouted Luxanna with great success. She was speaking with a young lad who was in blue shorts, had a yellow t-shirt, and had a blue base-ball cap. More so, the young man seemed to be puzzled. "Aw man, that was awesome!"

    "But... we haven't even battled yet?" the lad said in a puzzled look. "I mean, I just said 'hello', and then challenged you, and then you immediately said, 'I have won the battle!' for some reason."

    "Exactly!" Luxanna said with a smile. "Aren't battles supposed to be, 'whoever says a word that starts with the letter 'c' first is the loser'? And correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't challenge begin with a 'c'?"

    "Yes, but, I'm talking about pokemon battles!" corrected the youngster. "Look, my name is Joey, and someday, I'm going to be the greatest trainer in the universe! So if you know what's good for you, you'll accept my challenge, and acknowledge that you are just a stepping stone on my staircase to the stars!"

    "That's quite the staircase then," replied Luxanna in thought. "Alrighty, I accept your challenge! Oh, but a bit of warning to you - I've came up with a master secret plan, guaranteeing 100% victories!"

    "You're bluffing," Joey said with a quick chuckle. "There's no such plan like that!"

    "You'd be surprised!" said Luxanna. "You see, first, I'll distract your pokemon, and then, I'll return my pokemon back into it's pokeball and switch it out for another one! Genius, huh? You wouldn't know the difference!"

    "Except that you're allowed to do that during battles," replied Joey with a sigh. "Haven't you heard of switching a pokemon during battle, when your current one is tired? And by the way! You're plan wouldn't work as a secret anymore because you just told me it!"

    "Oh, but I don't like being to secretive," replied Luxanna. "It's... just too boring keeping something without telling someone that's in a 30 feet proximity."

    "Oh whatever," Joey replied as he took out a pokeball. "Not that I'd switch my pokemon anyway. My Rattata here is the best! Better than any other Rattata! It's like, its at the top percentage of Rattata! And that's a very big percentage if I do say so myself!"

    "Well, my Growlithe is so awesome, that it's awesome, even if it wasn't awesome!" boasted Luxanna as she then took out Growlithe's pokeball, and held it. "So, we accept the challenge!"

    "Then goooooo Rattata!" shouted Joey, upon throwing his pokeball, revealing his prized and proud Rattata. His Rattata swished it's tail and let out a small battle cry, preparing itself for combat. "Want some of this?!"

    "Oh yes please!" replied Lux, throwing her pokeball, sending out her own prized pokemon, her loyal Growlithe. Growlithe barked and howled upon getting outside, as it gazed upon it's righteous foe, Joey's Rattata. "We'll start things off! Growlithe - Ember!" As instructed, Growlithe howled as it released it's fearsome chunks of flame towards the battle-ready purple rat.

    "Rattata - dodge with Quick Attack!" ordered Joey. Rattata then used blinding speed to dodge the small charred ember swarms, then it ran right towards the Growlithe, hitting it right on the nose, staggering it for a bit. Then the purple rat swiftly swat it with it's tail, after Joey commanded it to perform a Tail Attack move. "And that's the combo way!" Joey announced, followed up with a proud laugh.

    "How about this! Growlithe - Leer, followed up with Bite!" Lux ordered as a response. Growlithe shook of his head in order to regain it's stance, as it followed up with a soulful stare upon Rattata's flea-bidden prospect, then it comboed the stare with a swift bite attack on Rattata's ear, causing the purple rat to run around in pain frustrations, trying to shake off the Growlithe from biting.

    "Grrr, darn you, that wasn't too bad!" the younger growled. "Rattata, hit that Growlithe against that tree with a Tackle, and--" but the boy was stopped, upon watching the air headed Lux stare into space. "Uh, hello? I'm about to win this battle? You might want to pay attention to this?!"

    "Sorry, I'm just thinking," Lux apologized. "Sometimes I get lost in serious thought."

    "About what?" Joey asked.

    "About how I can think more seriously about things," Lux replied. "It's seriously frustrating, ya know?"

    "Anyways..." Joey said after pondering. "Rattata, hit that Growlithe against that tree with a Tackle and shake it off!"

    "Ha! Saw that comin'!" said Luxanna. "Growlithe, let go and use Ember!" Of course, as instructed, Rattata ran head first towards the nearby tree, only for Growlithe to let go of the Rattata's ear on the last second, leaving the Rattata to crash to the nearby tree. Bumped, and bruised, Rattata was left in a staggered state as it can only wait as Growlithe released a painful Ember attack towards it, leaving Rattata as burned as Lux's brother was when Lux teased him that she had seen better dance steps on a ladder. "Ah yes, a Rattata well done! It must be a new delicious treat, ya know?"

    "I... I lost..." Joey cried in remorse as he fell to his knees in disappointment. "But my Rattata... was top percentage...!"

    "Well, I guess so is my Growlithe!" replied Lux. "It's like... at the top - very top percentage, ya know? When it's scorchin' all the enemies... it's quite relaxin'! Sort of like a... spa version of a pokemon battle!"

    "Please... just... stop talking," Joey begged. "Here; you get prize money."

    "Oh sweet, thanks!" Lux thanked, as she happily accepted her award. "Money, money, money... How I love you so~ money, money, money... I sure don't want to let you go!"

    Soon after 5 minutes of signing about her prize money, Lux was on the road again, until she soon saw a city. It was Cherrygrove City, right on her sights. With a cheerful wave to the city, she raced towards the city, almost tripping on a rock, but she's okay!

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