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    I like most of these ideas.

    I also agree with people saying they are taking forever in making some really needed changes to these games.

    But give em some time people, after all we've already been fans for 15+ years.

    I think this thread is about changes that could have been easily made to the individual games, not the entire series itself.

    That being said.
    I really like the idea to be able to use the memory link to battle your old character from BW, at least the pokemon recorded in the Hall of Fame. That would have been EPIC!

    I also think the PokeDex was a bit confusing, it's the first time I was able to catch multiple pokemon from previous Gens right from the start. Before it was only a few, if that. I think it was just a bit overwhelming for me, call me weird; I guess I'm just really used to the older games.

    All in all the game was great. Graphics are like never before, and I really think Nintendo is on the right track.

    Who knows? Perhaps we'll see a Ruby / Emerald remake followed by an epic 6th Gen in the new 3ds!
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