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    For those who have played the mystery dungeon series, most would say its an enjoyable series. Even tho I haven't played every single pokemon spin-off first hand, the PMD series is and will most likely always be my favorite pokemon spin-offs. But my question is; Have you ever reached a point in the game where you were struck emotionally, even a tiny bit? I have, and i'm not ashamed to say, that I've cried(like really, really badly) at certain scenes in all three games i've played so far.

    *SPOLIERS* For Which Game and at which scenes, are below:

    Red Rescue Team:
    Red Rescue Team was my first ever pokemon game. And of course the end when you disappear . I was so heartbroken when I played and finished the game for the first time at leaving my partner, and everyone of the villagers saddened by my vanishing. I cried on my first and second completion of the game.

    Explorers of Time:
    For me this game had a much better in-depth and developed story line. The scene when grovyle disappeared into the future really did it for me. I was even worse cause I was older and was better understanding and thought process during this time. In short - I was messed up. Grovyle was my favorite character ever since we went into the future and found out the truth, so I really got attached to him....them he sacrificed himself :'( to take Dusknoir back to the future with him. The ending scene as well where you disapear. More so cause the ending credits and epilogue go by after you disappear and that's really messed up. Doesnt stop there tho, cause then they show you(a few months after you've been gone your partner having flashbacks of your adventures and then crying his/her eyes out. Then Dialga restores you back to present time

    Explorers of the Sky:
    Pretty much the same main storyline as explorers of time except I didnt cry, rather was heavy hearted since I new what to expect. But what did strike me as super saddening was the special episodes. The ones with igglybuff, grovyle, and grovyle and dusknoir in the future. Those had nearly the same effect as the main story from time.

    So what do you guys think? Were you sad? What parts? Which games did you play? And what are you thoughts on the scenes and the story? What are your thoughts on your partner in-story? Mystery Dungeon - Only games i've cried over...somewhat hysterically.
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