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I'll shuffle the songs instead, makes it all the more funnier :p

1.) Describe your first date: Second To None
2.) Describe your personal religion: Who Ride With Us
3.) What you think of your current hometown: Heather Nicole
4.) What you feel guilty about: Life Style As A Gangsta ( LOL, almost got it xD)
5.) What embarrasses you: How You Like Me Now
6.) The title of your autobiography: SF Anthem
7.) How you feel about the holidays: Volunteers (Volunteering for the homeless? )
8.) Your greatest fear: Mi Hermanita (LOL)
9.) Your biggest weakness: Spread My Wings ( To fly? iunno o.o)
10.) The last lie you told: Super Smash Bros Melee. Balloon Fight (LOL)
11.) Your dream job: One More Night (Errr....)
12.) Describe your childhood: Turn! Turn! Turn!
13.) Your personal motto: Promise Me
14.) What you'd name a restaurant: Can You Let Me Know (Let me know what you poisoned me with LOL :D)
15.) What you'll be doing in 10 years: Escape From The City (I'm a fugitive? D
16.) The thing you desire most: Ven Conmigo (Where? o.o)
17.) One thing you really hate: Get Naked (plis, put baek ur clothes)
18.) Describe your political views: Once (I only voted once )
19.) How you feel about your friends: Payphone Vs. Love The Way You Lie (I guess most of my friends always ask me for my phone and they lie alot?)
20.) The title of a movie based on your life: Miss Murder (LOL, probably why I'll be an escape fugitive? xD)
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